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James R. Cash Auctions has a footprint in 15 states and specializes in the sale of residential and commercial real estate as well as agricultural farm land and farm machinery.  


Cash Auctions regularly conducts Estate Settlements, Business Liquidations and Benefit Fundraising Auctions.


With a team of experienced professionals, James R Cash, the Auctioneer and Real Estate Broker, has been conducting successful auctions for more than 40 years.  If you have questions about the auction process, give us a call!

We believe all sellers deserve to have absolute certainty when it comes time to sell your most valuable assets.

Likewise, we believe buyers deserve have an equal and fair opportunity to buy assets.


Jay Cash...Battle of the Blue Grass ...

Jay Cash

THE Auctioneer &

Real Estate Broker

Second Generation Auctioneer & Real Estate Broker.  

From Real Estate to Estate Settlements, Business Liquidations to Benefit Auctions Jay has the experience and knowledge to get the most for any seller.

2022 NAA International Auctioneers Championship, 1st Runner Up

2021 Elected to National Auctioneers Board of Directors (3 yr. term)

2020 Alabama Auctioneers Association Reserve Grand  Champion

2019 NAA IAC Finalist

2019 TN Volunteer Open Bid Calling Champion

2019 KY  Bluegrass Open Bid Calling  Finalist

2018 Tennessee Auctioneers Bid Calling Champion

2018 2nd Runner Up in the National Auctioneers Association - International Bid Calling Championship

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Lisa Cash

Auctioneer &

Real Estate Broker

Lisa Cash has been in the auction and real estate business for over 15 years. While you won't find Lisa on the microphone calling bids at auctions, she plays a vital role working with bidders and buyers sale day as well as cordinating all closings and day to day operations of the auction company. 


Cindy Cash


The owner of James R. Cash Auctions for over 40 years Cindy has operated one of the most respected auction and real estate firms in the country. 


Jimmy Treas
Apprentice Auctioneer

Experienced with nearly every aspect of the auction business with James R. Cash Auctions for over 30 years, Jimmy has assisted in every role of the auction business from lining up machinery and auction set up to holding the microphone being the auctioneer.  A graduate of America's Auction Academy, Jimmy's knowledge is second to none.


Chris Canary
Apprentice Auctioneer
Real Estate Broker

Chris Canary has many years of commercial and residential real estate experience.  Chris works with Buyers and Sellers regulary to provide seamless transactions from start to finish. Chris is also an General Contractor and licensed Broker with Keller Williams Murfreesboro.


Shane Mccarrell
Auctioneer &
Auctions Manager

The 2019 Tennessee Sate Bid Calling Champion, Shane is also ranked in the top 15 of International Auctioneers as determined by the National Auctioneers Association. Shane manages all online auctions for James. R Cash Auctions and serves as an Auctioneer for onsite auctions.

2019 NAA IAC Finalist

2018 TN Volunteer Open Bid Calling Champion


Josh Kirby

Auctioneer &

Affiliate Real Estate Broker

Josh Kirby is   one  of  the most knowledgeable  Real  Estate Brokers In Middle Tennessee.

From  Investing, Flipping to  Development.  Josh knows what  information  is important to buyers and sellers.


JK Graves

Auctioneer &

Real Estate Broker

A lifetime in the Auction Profession, JK Graves is also a Property Manager managing 100's of properties throughout  Middle Tennessee.


SGT MAJ Gary Payne

Auctioneer &

Affiliate Real Estate Broker

Auctioneer and Affiliate Real Estate Broker - Retired from  the USMC.


Jason Cowan

Auction Bid assistant  

Auction Clerk

Clerk and Bidder Assistant, Jason is a  tremendous asset to our Auction Team.

Jim Stokes.jpg

Jim Stokes

Office Manager

Jim has been a friend of James R. Cash Auctions for over 30 years. You will find him at nearly every James R. Cash Auctions onsite in the auction office.

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